In my opinion being stylish doesn’t take much:

1. Fit body – Fit bodies are most attractive bodies even if they are wearing torn clothes. Exercise every day and watch what you eat (I mean just watch don’t eat 😉 )
2. Decently styled hair – Spend ten minutes over the weekend in doing some hair set up. If you have my type of hair (super curly) then have a hair length that is manageable and can be set in minimal time. Well set hair is always stylish irrespective of its length.
3. Ironed clothes – You can always iron clothes while catching up with your TV shows. Wrinkled clothes can make even Burberry garments look messy.
Dress: J Crew
Jacket: J Crew
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Nine West
j crew, denim jacket, polka dots, brown shoes, brown tights
polka dot dress