Most fashion bloggers are “influencers”, they are people who have the ability to influence you to spend your hard earned money on stuff they just get for free!

Someone asked me if I have the pressure to continuously buy new things in order to be relevant in style blogging, my answer is no, I don’t. First of all what I have is not a fashion/ new trends and style kind of a blog, this is a personal style blog, this is how I dressed and according to fashion and latest style standards it could be completely outdated. I wouldn’t know, fashion/ what’s in and out changes everyday and I do not want to track it. I do not propagate unnecessary spending on anything. I do not shop much, I do not follow trends, I do not talk about ‘sales’, because I myself never keep track of or buy at them. I urge people to invest in quality over quantity.

I am not dressing up for the blog, I am not here to show how much stuff I have, I am here to show how much can be done with however little that one has. I create a new outfit everyday with just the same stuff that I already have.

I do not want my readers to come to my blog and feel they don’t have things, I do not want them to be discontent with their current closet, I do not want them to go out there and buy what I am wearing, I do not want them to even copy my style or outfits.

I want my readers to visit my blog and get excited about getting dressed well. I want them to see their existing wardrobe with a new energy. I want them to think before they shop. I want them to create a wardrobe that represents THEIR personal style. Having a lot of clothes or having what’s in the trend or walking in ladder like high heels does NOT make you look stylish but feeling comfortable and confident in what you are wearing does. (and as I have said this before – fit body trumps jewelry, clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, hairdos and all that)

2 combos:

abercrombie and fitch, j crew factory, nine west
black jeans with stripes tee

Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch, Top: J crew factory, Shoes: Nine West

white jeans, denim shirt, brown shoes, american eagle, tommy hilfiger
white jeans, denim shirt

Jeans: American Eagle

Shirt: American Eagle

Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger