Book Reviews. 2017. 5

Reviews of books that I read in 2017 –

21. Right Ho, Jeeves – P.G. Wodehouse

P. G. Does it again, situational comedy at its best, I am giving it 4 stars as my man Jeeves does not appear in most scenes, I want more of him. Can not wait to read the next in this series. 4/5.

22. The Best of Me – Nicholas Sparks

Gave up half way. That says it all.

23. Bridge to Terabithia – Katherine Peterson

This is more like a kid’s book (not like Harry Potter which everyone enjoys). 2/5.

24. An unsuitable boy – Karan Johar

Do not like his movies but loved his autobiography. 4/5.

25. The Colossus Rises – Peter Lerangis

I used to volunteer at a library and the colossus rises was a superhit book amongst the school children, I picked it up out of curiosity. After reading it I am wondering if the school children specially under 10 really understand this book. There are many elements that are hard to understand.┬áIt is a 3 book series, the story doesn’t end in this part but I am not too keen on reading the next one, I give it 3 stars.

simple black and white dress
simple black and white dress


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