Book Reviews. 2017. 8

Reviewing the books that I read in 2017.

36. Why does the world exist? An Existential Detective Story – Jim Holt

The question of why is there a world rather than nothing at all? remains the darkest and most enduring of all metaphysical mysteries. Jim Holt enters this fractious debate with his lively and deeply informed narrative that traces the latest efforts to grasp the origins of the universe. He leaves us with the question Stephen Hawking once asked but couldn’t answer, ‘Why does the universe go through all the bother of existing?’. 4/5.

37. Harry Potter and the cursed child: parts 1 and 2 – John Tiffany

Before you start reading this book, separate your mind from the fact that this is going to be an exemplary continuation of the previous seven books. Aside from being a play, this books is also a more mature, character-driven, less magical story. I liked it. 3.5/5.

38. The first fifteen lives of Harry August – Claire North

Replay is a great book with a similar storyline, I highly recommend Replay but did not like The first fifteen lives of Harry August. 2/5.

39. Very Good, Jeeves! – P.G. Wodehouse

“Very Good, Jeeves” is a collection of 11 short stories featuring everyone’s favorite valet (“a personal gentleman’s gentleman,” as Jeeves describes himself) and the ongoing scrapes of Mr. Bertie Wooster. In each story, either Bertie or one of his friends and relatives is in a bind, and fortunately for everyone, Jeeves is always there to advise and set things right. 5/5.


Polka dots skirt and blue top
Polka dots skirt and blue top

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