For over thousands and thousands of years, two absolute strangers used to get married (this is still happening in many parts of the world) and many today out of love take the decision to become part of each others’ happiness and troubles. When you look at a couple interact with each other you will know if they mend and blend with each other, if they were so to say ‘made for each other‘ or ‘made to be without each other‘. Cheesy… but true.

When I look at some married couples I wonder how are these people still together… One of them is positive, happy, full of life and the other one is negative, hurtful – mentally/emotionally/physically, or is simply toxic. How does one live around this kind of a person 24/7? You can see that the other person would have been so much happy without her/his partner. Isn’t it easier to live independently than to be living in a toxic marriage? Is divorce such a big deal in such scenarios? Some people stay on… for the sake of kids… I don’t know how does it help the kids to be living with parents who don’t get along, who are unhappy and who are living independent lives under one roof.

If people from this scenario get divorced then great… happiness is a choice and you made it.

And then there are some who get divorced… way too casually. Within two months of married life they get divorced saying ‘oh he watches too much TV‘. Okay!!! but you were in a relationship for 5 years and out of them 2 years in a live in relationship, you didn’t realize it at that time? How can a person be just right for you for such a long time and then within two months you realize he is all wrong? Getting divorced for lame reasons without trying to make it work is also quite lame (I feel), never enter a marriage thinking you can ignore the behaviors now and change them later, because how would that work? Would you change your habits just because you signed a document?

Third scenario is where the couple just gets along without too many efforts, they fit like a jig-saw puzzle, their fights are quite a scene to watch too, they argue and next minute they are again best friends as if the argument never happened. They ignore the tiny ripples and move on. It is quite amazing to see such couples and how closely they get involved and how everything about their lives get intertwined with each other. Their finances, professional decisions, inter-personal relationships which once, were independent of each other, get practically woven together… so tightly that the threads can barely even be seen! I find it quite an endearing phenomenon specially since human beings are essentially selfish so how does their pain and suffering unite with this one person? And then they spend rest of their lives trying to make each other’s life a little easier, happier and fuller! 

Orange Top
Orange Top

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