Every color has some comrades and a few foes. When the friends are juxtaposed they make each other appear charming. When two enemies are put side by side they don’t just make their own manifestation dull but also spoil the others appearance. In case of clothing/ accessories it is important for the friends to be next to each other, also the look wouldn’t appear delightful if it is ruled by just one color. Every item loses it’s own identity if you are covered with several other pieces in the same color, for example faint yellow/ red shoes would look smart if you are wearing a blue dress, both will then have their own intrepid and bold guise (rather than matching yellow shoes with a yellow dress).

Same is applicable for skin tones, every skin tone looks great with a wide range of colors, and some shades do not look so great. For example – red tops look the best on a tad dusky skin tone, for lighter skin you can modify it a bit (so that it reflects better with your skin tone) – just layer it up with something black or gray – may be a sweater, scarf, jacket, big necklace etc. Same thing goes for lipsticks (if you use them). I recommend – try on everything before you buy it. Not being able to test how the color looks on us is one big problem with online shopping (don’t go for how it looks on the model).

red pant, banana republic, j crew factory, lifestride
Red pants with Stripes


Top: J crew factory

Denim: Banana Republic

Shoes: Lifestride (non leather)