I did crazy things in school, junior/ senior college – I slept under the last bench, sometimes I left the class from the back door, went to other colleges with friends instead of attending my own lectures, I don’t even remember the crap topics I discussed with friends, I was kicked out of the class many times because I talked non-stop with friends or for playing games like hangman during lectures.

I also never stood up for anything, I had no courage whatsoever – if someone said something nasty to me then I would shed some tears without saying a word to them, or when 13 reasons why  happened I kept quiet without going to the authorities or speaking about it to anyone. Today I handle things differently. I am more rebellious and outspoken than the ‘good old days’. I am no longer the silently-suffering-sorta-woman. I am more thick-skinned now (probably it is because of more layers of fat than thick skin so to say :-))

If I was meeting with a childhood friend, who hasn’t met me in all these years, and they judge me based on my past craziness and keep talking about it – then I wouldn’t really like that because it is old news, I am still crazy but in new ways. People still call me crazy when I talk about gender equality or atheism.

If I look back at my past then I do not recognize that disillusioned person anymore, I do not relate to or understand that naive person either. Today I am nothing like what I was then – dumber or wiser is irrelevant here. I see childhood friends meeting and constantly talking about their wacky childhood stories and then some also judge people based on history. People grow up, they change their plans/ opinions/ habits/ behavior.

All I want to say is – do not judge anyone based on their past – I hear Agni Sharma became Valmiki later on.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone is still crazy but they are ‘different crazy’ if you really want to then base your judgment on their new madness!

5 combos from 2015 that did not make it to the blog at that time – 

5 combos
5 combos