american eagle, ann taylor, steve madden, bvlgari
Pink Shorts

In last 5 years I went through bad health issues, be it surgeries, injuries, complete bed rest and never ending medications. Yes, it brings a lot of interruptions in my grand plan of weight loss (I weighed 180 pounds not long ago) but it also made me realize the value of health and how much I wanted to look and feel fit. 

I think all of us have our own struggles that the world doesn’t know about, life isn’t rosy for anyone, so take some time off but get back to your workouts as soon as you can. ‘I will start from Monday/ 1st Jan/ 1st of next month’ doesn’t work. Do not procrastinate, resume today even if it is just 20 minutes, because something may come up on Monday or your planned date in the future. Future is always unpredictable.


Shorts: american eagle

Top: Ann taylor

Shoes: Steve Madden (non-leather)

Sunglasses: bvlgari