How would you describe your style? What is different with your website?

I am not a devil who wears Prada, I don’t make any statements by carrying a Louis Vuitton. I am not much into hairdos, make-up or jewelry. My style is extremely simple, sophisticated and easy to dress. Through this website I do not want to motivate people to buy new stuff but show how things can be mixed and matched to create a different looking outfit altogether everyday and the basic things one needs to have in their closet – things that go well with anything and everything.

What I wear is my interpretation of what looks good, it is obviously not the ideal way of doing things. But still you might end up liking something and would be able to mix and match according to your interpretation of style. Styling is an art and that too an abstract one, I find it a lot like painting where you play with colors and patterns. Through this website I want to provide the endless possibilities of recipes that can be put together with just a few ingredients in the closet.

Why a personal style blog?

It may sound ironical but clothes are the last thing I want to spend time on, be it in the morning or when I go shopping. Though I don’t want to be all ‘dressed up’ I want to be ‘well dressed’. It happened many times that I opened the closet door in the morning and stood there for a long time wondering what I wanted to wear, then tried a few things on, didn’t like it and ended up changing 3-4 times. That is when I started experimenting and slowly built my own style and closet.

When I moved to this country around 12 years ago I didn’t know where to buy things from or what to wear. This website is an effort to help out those who went through similar confusions as me.

Why spend any time on what we wear?

Shoes, a beautiful dress, new haircut, jewelry are all trivial material things, in all honesty it should not matter because people say our inner self is what matters. But our physical form is strongly connected to our identity, that is how we interact with the world around us. The exterior matters as much as the interior. Honestly I feel every girl is into clothes and shoes if they are not then they are lying or just in a denial phase 😉


Where do you find styling inspiration?

Everywhere! From movies, magazines to blogs.


Do you have a big, expensive wardrobe? Are you a professional stylist? Is this your job?
No! I have very few items in my closet and yet I never wear a dress same way twice and that is the fun creative part. I am an IT professional, this website is a side project – hobby.

Who takes your photos? Where do you take your pictures? 

I take pictures with the help of tripod and self-timer/remote in the area around where I live. Professionally taken and edited pictures can make the outfits look better than how they actually look. I do not want to fool the readers. The photos will always remain as simple and natural as my style.

How tall are you/what size are you?

I’m 5’4″. I wear tops in size Small and jeans/skirts in size 4.


Where else can I find you?
I’m on Instagram and Facebook