1. Slow down. Don’t let the ads tempt you, don’t go browsing the shops. Detox. We’re buying too much anyway. If you see a skirt for 4$ think what kind of quality it is – the good quality fabrics that I have bought in this country for sewing an adult size skirt takes at least 6$ a yard – so something that is sold for 4$ is plain bad quality and also think how much was the sewer paid for his/her hard work (as the company is going to keep maximum profit). Next time you buy at sale realize that the company is still making its profit – the sale that you get is by cutting the wages of the sewers. I have thought a lot on this topic and the best solution that I see is – Stop the mindless consumption, reuse, recycle, repair and reduce.
Red Jeans, Pink Top
Red Jeans Pink Top

Shoes: Nine West, Jeans: American Eagle, Top: Ann Taylor, Scarf: Target