Fashion 1 0 1: Part 11

  1. Buy sensibly – from a lot to good. It is better to buy something that you are positive about: something that will match the rest of your wardrobe made well and out of quality materials. Something that will last for many years. It’s a smart thing to do for the environment and society. Every year we dump millions of tonnes of clothes and only a small part of them reach the second hand/thrift stores. We spill a massive amount on developing countries, destroying the local and traditional workplaces at clothes making. The largest part goes to garbage dumps where it will decompose for hundreds of years, harming the environment (clothes are not bio-degradable).

Red Jeans, Blue Top
Red Jeans, Blue Top

This top is 10 years old.

Jeans: American Eagle, Top: Lifestyle (India), Shoes: DSW

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