Fashion 1 0 1 : Part 13

Donate your clothes (when you are done using them) to someone you know or someone in need. As I said earlier clothes are not biodegradable. In my family we all use each other’s clothes, my nieces use the clothes that don’t fit me anymore or the ones that I think are no longer age appropriate for me. I have no issues using clothes that someone else has used before but I know many people do not like it, using used clothes is too lowly for them – it is something that only the poor do, well I don’t want to comment on how you should feel about it but think innovative ways of reusing, recycling and repurposing clothes. When it comes to donating clothes – My first preference is donating clothes to people I know – so that I can see them getting used and the next option is donating to salvation army. I am sure you will find a lot of people around you who will happily accept used clothes – so donate.

Red Pant, Black Top
Red Pant, Black Top

Jeans: American Eagle, Top: Michael Kors, Shoes: Nine West, Scarf: Target

Rasika Mahabal

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