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Careless production and endless consumption-

I did a part-time fashion designing course from Pune, India. I used to sew my own salwar kameezes for a few years. Sewing is a time-consuming task, it is physically challenging too – it would give me a lot of back and neck ache, so how much ever I enjoyed sewing I decided to call it quits (and now instead I break my back on a software job).

However, I must admit that sewing is one hobby that makes me the happiest. One sewing project takes hours and now I pick only one or two sewing projects every year. Good quality fabrics I buy for my projects start from 6$ per yard and you need say 3 yards for an adult skirt  (more if you add lining). On top of that other materials are needed like thread, elastic, zipper and whatnot.

Anyhow, so up till now you must have understood from this post (and earlier parts) that

  • We buy too much
  • Sewing projects are time-consuming
  • Sewing causes a lot of physical discomfort and
  • Sewing is an expensive affair if we want quality material

Doesn’t it make you think how are the shops filled to the brim with dirt-cheap clothes? How are some brands selling skirts for less than $5???

Remember that everything that we wear is touched by human hands … not robots. How is it possible that we are paying dirt cheap price when someone is working hard to make them? How much are the sewers paid?

To be continued…

Gingham Shirt, Blue Jeans, White Shoes
Gingham Shirt, Blue Jeans, White Shoes

Shirt: J Crew Factory, Shoes: Converse, Jeans: American Eagle