Years ago when I was making a desperate attempt to loose weight – my personal trainer suggested that I try the dietician at my gym, which I did, but I didn’t listen to a single word that she said, all I wanted to say to her was ‘shut the f*** up’.

Why?… because she herself was four times bigger than me, she barely fit in the chair that she sat on. (to think of it may be she was experimenting what not to eat!)

The point is – In your weight loss journey you will hear advices, suggestions, opinions from loads of people – does not matter if they have a degree in diet and nutrition or are doing research – they are disqualified to give any sort of advice if they themselves are fat and unhealthy.  If you are working on your health and trying to get in shape then people around you will watch every thing that you eat and have a comment on it, stop eating sugar, stop drinking milk, stop eating gluten, this – that – whatnot, some will shamelessly tell you that it is okay to consume alcohol, it is highly likely that these people themselves are in a bad shape so just tell them to ‘shut the f*** up’ – of course in your head.

My mantra is read books/ blogs/ and listen to people who have fit bodies – everyone else is disqualified (they are obviously free to have opinions but one should not listen to them).

The opinions expressed in this series are influenced by many ‘qualified’ people, they helped me on my path to health, happiness, fitness and weight-loss – by not just words but by proving through actions.

Most of the fittest and healthiest people that at least I have seen – eat home cooked meals everyday, their portion size is smaller, they understand the difference between food and food like products, they exercise everyday and are not engrossed in any bad habits like alcohol, smoking or drugs. Before you do any crazy diet plans remember that food is not just about weight loss – it is also about health – which means having the right chemical/ hormonal/ bacteria balance/ gut health/ immunity and mental health, so diet plans might help you to loose weight but otherwise create havoc in the system.

One more thing – do not feel let down or lack of confidence or any sort of complex because of a certain body shape that you have, and understand that people who are making comments on you are not perfect either (I have expressed this experience before that a lady thrice my size laughed at me saying ‘Rasika, you look too fat’. People do not realize the hypocrisy of their comments, so just  let it go). Most of the people making nasty comments do NOT have sculpted bodies themselves ;-). The only thing that matters is you keep working on your health and weight without giving up.

This is the last part of the series and the last thing I want to say is – when it comes to health and fitness most important thing is continuity, one can not say I am going to exercise, think positive, eat and sleep well for the next 3 months, it has to turn into a lifestyle – it needs to become our second nature and then it will become effortless…


Blue Jumpsuit, ann taylor factory, nude shoes
Blue Jumpsuit and nude shoes

Jumpsuit : Ann Taylor Factory

Shoes: Kensie