In your closet or store it?


banana republic, american eagle, indigo, red sandals, animal print
animal print top

If you have your closet packed to the brim – sundresses in the winter and puffy coats in summer – then your mornings are going to be hard just looking for clothes to wear and you may end up feeling like you have nothing to wear. Do yourself a favor and work with ingredients for the¬†weather outside your door, keep out current season’s clothes and put everything else out of sight. I store them in a box like THIS.

Top: Banana Republic (also worn HERE)

Artist Crop: American Eagle

Sandals: Indigo

Sunglasses: Gucci


Rasika Mahabal

Hi! My name is Rasika Mahabal. I was born and brought up in India before moving to Seattle. Thanks for visiting my website, you can find more information about my page in FAQs.

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