Do’s and Don’ts For Leggings

  • Don’t wear leggings as pants since the material can be thin enough that it can show skin or underwear (unless of course it is on purpose!) – I have seen many women in India do this.
  • Do wear leggings under a cute skirt or dress that you would otherwise think is too mini or with a
  • pair of shorts. This way you can make it a three season item.
  • Do buy leggings made from thicker fabric and test the stretch with your fingers. These will last longer, and often look better than cheaper leggings made from thinner fabric.
  • I have written tips on how to wear leggings here, however I must mention that I wear leggings very rarely. Not a big fan. I prefer tights and jeggings.
red pant, white shirt, banana republic, american eagle
red pant, white shirt

Pant: American Eagle, Shirt: Banana Republic, Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

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