Long term goal

All of the young people out there – when you are 60 years old what are the things you would want to have? What are your goals? What is your long term plan?
Money? Career? Family? Knowledge?And what if at that age you have reached top position in the company, living in a multi-million dollar house, traveled the world, have a gorgeous family but guess what you do not have the most important thing that one needs to have to enjoy all of the above? HEALTH  physical and mental both.

Is it your long term goal? Are you taking any action on it right now?

chambray: J crew factory
skirt: chicwish (I definitely need to use a belt on this skirt as the waistband folds a lot)
sandals: Tommy Hilfiger from DSW
Chicwish, jcrew factory, tommy hilfiger, green sandals
Polka Dot Skirt

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