Low rise jeans became popular as it makes a woman’s torso look longer and possibly thinner. Low rise hip hugger jeans forces the skin and fat around the waist, back and upper buttocks to spill out over the pants. So it is not for anyone with a fat tummy, it simply looks bad. I have made the mistake of buying low rise simply because it is available and popular.
If you own one and are stuck with it now like the one I am wearing in today’s picture then try to wear longer and a loose tops on it (In a way it defies the purpose of wearing low rise). The best option would obviously be to lose the belly fat or buying mid/high rise.
When it comes to styling if I had to make a list of what NOT to do then at number one position it would be ‘Never sport a muffin top‘.
Shirt: Mark and Spencer, Sweater: Gap, Jeans 7 for all mankind, Shoes: Dr. Scholl’s, Scarf: esprit
stripes sweater, blue denim, 7 for all mankind
Stripes Sucker