Once in a while I mull over my actions and or beliefs from a few years back and I reach the same conclusion every time – “I can not believe, how naïve (aka dumb) I was!” 
Looking back I never think I was all that intelligent. I could have done things differently. Done them better. I could have been more confident, studied more, played more, created more, snapped out of inferiority complex or had the ability to judge people better. I am not telling you my regrets. It is a mere analysis and aftermath of what goes on in my head.
The ‘present me’ gives the ‘past me’ that aggrieved feeling, the kind one gets when they cannot believe that someone can be that disillusioned (aka stupid).
Do you ever feel unhappy with the ‘past you’? 
Well, never mind, here’s to the better ‘present us’ which we will be looking back as past in the future!
winter dress, calvin klein, uggs
Winter Dress 1
 Photo 1: Dress – Nordstrom Rack, Sweater: J crew factory, Shoes: Don’t remember, Tights: Target
Photo2: Dress – Calvin Klein, Sweater – Calvin Klein, Shoes: UGG, Tights: Target