gap loft american eagle, kelly and katie
Simple Everyday Style

I take photos in the area around where I live using a timer and tripod. Professionally taken and edited pictures can make the outfits look better than how they actually look. I do not want to fool the readers. The photos on this blog will always remain as simple and natural as my style. Also spending too much time on photos feels contradictory to the theme of this blog which is ‘one can be well dressed without spending any time or effort on clothes’. Use the time you save to do more interesting or pressing stuff.

Some asked me to provide more variety in photo locations, I will try to add it as time permits but you will see outfits look the same everywhere 😉


gap, loft, american eagle, kelly and katie
Everyday simple style

Jeans: American Eagle

Black Tee: Loft

Jacket: Gap

Shoes: Kelly and Katie