Sadhana, Issues and Bobby

Are you one of those who lives in a different country than where you were brought up? and have you ever used any local vernacular from your part of the world without knowing it is not used anywhere else? I have done it many times.

I have used Sadhana cut for bangs, ‘Do you have any issues?’ (No one knows the meaning of the question when it is asked ;-). Even though they do agree that kids = issues ;-).
I referred polka dots as ‘Bobby print’ until recently. Looks like they call it that in India because it was worn in a Bollywood movie called Bobby (I haven’t seen it but that is the influence of Bollywood on Indians).
I would love to hear if you had any such funny stories. Wearing Bobby print skirt in this pic 😉

Skirt: Chicwish
Top: Ann Taylor
Sandals: Impo
Bracelet: BaubleBar
polka dot skirt, black top, chicwish, impo, black sandal

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