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Love – Oxytocin is the hormone which is associated with the feeling of ‘love’. Its importance is widely demonstrated in acts of orgasm, maternal behavior, and friendliness towards a person. It is, therefore, commonly referred to as the ‘love hormone’.

Longevity – There is some belief in the scientific community that we all have a certain number of total heart beats at our disposal. For example, mice have a faster heart rate but a shorter life span. In comparison, humans and elephants have a slower heart rate but a longer life span. Hence, one way to longevity would be to slow down the resting heart rate. Anxiety and stress can increase the resting heart rate, whereas, meditation and sleep slows it down.

Memories – Prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that is associated with making short term memories. It is located right behind the forehead. Short term memory loss as seen in the popular movies Memento was a result of an injury to this part of the brain. [I highly recommend Memento if you have not seen it yet.]

Blue Top, Blue Short
Blue Top, Blue Short
blue top, blue short
Blue top, blue short


Top: Old Navy, Shorts: American Eagle, Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger