Know your skin type – is it dry/ oily or sensitive?

If you are here to note down a list of any fancy fast working skin products then you will be disappointed, I have none.

  1. Secret to keeping the whole body soft and healthy-looking lies in moisturizing.

I have a dry skin type, that means my skin feels very tight after bathing or any contact with water. I have a dry hand and dry lip symptom too, I get chapped lips all the time.

So what do I use?

a. I do not use soaps in public restrooms – restaurants/ theaters etc. they are by default harsh and do not suit me. I always carry either a soap bottle or sanitizer/wet wipes in my purse.

b. Almond oil – it is excellent for skin – it makes the skin look healthier, reduces dark circles, it cures skin problems like eczema, acne.

c. Citaphil and Vaseline are my all time favorite moisturizers, vaseline is best for lips too.

  1. Secret to good skin is NOT using loads of skin care products

Skin care products claim to be working fast like magic but they do more harm to the skin than anything. Go for the natural fixes instead. For example, before going to bed massage your face with coconut oil for at least 20 seconds – it takes away any makeup products used and keeps the face moisturized throughout the night.

Aloe Vera, castor oil, honey, cucumber and sandalwood powder are excellent for skin.

  1. Secret to a glowing skin is EXERCISE

I have seen many people who do not necessarily have a spectacular skin – but when they start working out, running, biking and whatnot – their skin starts to glow! Reason is simple – exercise increases blood flow and blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the entire body including skin. Marathon runners, bikers and generally people who workout regularly have radiant skin.

  1. Secret to healthy skin is DIET

French fries, hormone-laden meats, fried food, chips and generally all types of junk food is ALSO bad for the skin. Simple and nutritious diet does good to the skin too (as much as it does good to the entire body).

  1. Drink ….WATER

Drink at least 8 glasses a day, it helps to rid the body and skin of toxins.

  1. Last but not the least – SLEEP

Sleep strengthens your immune system, it keeps your heart healthy, it boosts your mood, it is important for your physical and emotional well being (as much as exercise and good diet is). Seven to eight hours of sleep is required by the body. If you want good health – sleep, if you want to lose weight – sleep, if you want to live long – sleep and if you want good skin —- sleep!

I hope you find these tips useful.

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