Stressed out –


There are a few things that stress me out –

  1. Watching movies in theater – I watch a lot of them but at home, at my pace and also while parallel tasking. I watch movies like one would watch a TV show, 25-30 minutes a day. Watching them in theater means I have to watch the whole movie in one go, that stresses me out. If I don’t like the first 20 minutes of the film I leave the movie hall.
  2. Going to Salon – I do almost all beauty related things at home – there is no commute time involved, no small talk with the beautician and I can do something in parallel like catch up on TV shows, while I have a face mask on, or I can clean the closet!
  3. People – Being around people who I don’t get a good vibe from stresses me out. I try to avoid them because in that time I can be around someone or something that I like. Also if I get an inkling that someone doesn’t like me or is trying to avoid me then I do not impose myself on them, instead I will be around someone who likes me or is trying to reach out or keep in touch with me. I do not feel obligated to hang out with people because I am related to them or because I have known them forever. People grow up and most likely grow apart, and it’s okay to let it go than to hold on to something that is not adding any value but just drama and stress to our lives.
  4. Shopping – Yes! shopping stresses me out. I can go without shopping for years, the max I have stayed without shopping is 3 years straight. I am elated that I am able to use my creativity to create a new outfit everyday from my existing wardrobe, without having to go through the torture of browsing through stuff, trying stuff, not-fitting into stuff and so on.


3 combos with white top – 

tommy hilfiger, abercrombie and fitch, me too
Black and white
black jeans, white top, denim jacket, red shoes, kelly and katie, j crew, tommy hilfiger, abercrombie and fitch
Black Jeans, White Top, Denim Jacket

Jeans: Abercrombie and Fitch, Top: Tommy Hilfiger, Jacket: J crew, Shoes: Kelly and Katie

tommy hilfiger, american eagle, tommy hilfiger
white summer top

Jeans: American Eagle, Top: Tommy Hilfiger, Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

Rasika Mahabal

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