american eagle, banana republic, tommy hilfiger, stripes top, pink denim
The stripes trick

Denim: American Eagle

Top: Banana Republic

Sandals: Tommy Hilfiger


Here is a quick trick to stripes  (or rather an optical illusion):

Vertical stripes – Make you look look thinner, the closer they are placed the slimmer you will look.

Horizontal stripes – Makes you look wider , however they can be used in your favor if placed properly.

stripes trick clothing
The trick to wearing stripes

The boxes on far left and right look the slimmest and the one in the middle widest. That is why tucking the shirt in can make one look wider and shorter.

Diagonal stripes – are slimming and no matter where you place them on your body they will slim that area.

I am a stripes sucker and love horizontal stripes. Here are some more ways I wore stripes – STRIPES