A lot of personal style bloggers get help from their friends/family to take pictures for their blog. Any professionally taken/edited pictures make the outfits look better than they actually are. I never use any outside help for taking my pics, I use a timer.

When I started taking pictures for this blog it took me some time to figure out the lighting/camera angle/ setting etc. – lack of sunlight in Seattle makes it a little challenging. Once I figured out the basic things now it takes me 5 minutes top to take pictures. The only thing I need to make sure is when the timer goes off I am standing still, otherwise the picture is all blur and at times it does catch me when I am adjusting my hair or something (as in pic 2).

In case you are interested Here is a good 101 that I liked on using timer for style blogs.

Silk Blouse: J crew

Sweater: J crew factory

Denim: Banana Republic

Shoes: Nine West

banana republic nine west, j crew factory, jcrew
Red Denim and Polka Dots
red denim, polka dots, black sweater
and the timer goes off before I am ready