‘You read a lot, looks like you have a lot of time to waste’ someone said to me the other day.

 Do we have a constant need to categorize things that we do as productive and unproductive? The heart says read fiction and the brain says ‘read non-fiction that is productive’.
I crave to experience those childhood days again when life was innocent, had no responsibilities and had nothing to prove. I would spend hours making paper boats and looking at them move in a pond from one end to the other. I did it goal free and guilt free. No one (including my brain) had opinions on how I spent my time. 
It is amazing to see people who have figured out what ‘waste of time’ is while I still contemplate what ‘time’ means. We are all going to die one day so does that mean life is a waste of time? 
Top: J crew Factory
Scarf: Esprit
Jeans: 7 for all mankind 
Shoes: Kelly and Katie
stripes top, j crew factory, 7 for all mankind, pink scarf
The Pink Scarf