I was three times bigger than what I am today so in those days the green top in this picture fit me nice and snug.
Strangers congratulated me for being pregnant when I was NOT. I felt depressed every morning when I saw myself in the mirror.
I am saying this from my personal experience that everything looks blah on fat bodies. Not just the body shape but my face, nose, neck everything looked round and I hated the double chin.
For three years I did not buy any clothes/shoes anything whatsoever, not even a scarf (groceries yes but less of that as well 😉 ), simply because I wanted to fix my weight before I fixed my wardrobe!

(The opinion expressed in this post is for both genders)

Top: Jcrew
Jegging: American Eagle
Shoes: AK 
Weight loss, wardrobe, olive top, black jegging
The Weight Loss