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  1. Poor Digestion

You are not what you eat; you are what you digest and absorb!

Our gut health determines our overall wellbeing. The bacteria that lies in our gut help us to fight disease, process our food, make nutrients and make hormones. When your liver is sluggish, it struggles to process substances/toxins/hormones efficiently and this leads to toxic build up and this will inevitably cause weight gain.

I had suggest fix your digestion by eating simple and easy to digest foods, do not forget to drink one glass of buttermilk every day (not yogurt but homemade buttermilk).

  1. Don’t Drink Water

Last but not the least, we have all heard how important H2O is when it comes to shedding pounds. It helps to suppress appetite, so you’re less likely to overeat. Staying hydrated keeps all chemical reactions going on in your body run smoothly and it fixes metabolism. It allows your kidneys to function properly and filter everything that they need to. Water is great for skin too.

How much water should you drink? It depends on how much you weigh, what climate you live in and how much you work out. 0.5+ ounce per 1 pound of bodyweight, so if you weigh 150 pounds you would be drinking (75+ ounces (2.2 liters))+ (if you live in a hot climate then few more ounces) + (if you work out each day then few more ounces). I drink 3 liters (more or less) everyday.

coming up in the next posts… how to lose weight and stay healthy

j crew factory, charter's club, nine west, green skirt, off white top
Off white top and green skirt
green skirt, off white top, j crew factory, charter's club
Green Skirt Off White Top

Top: Charters’s Club

Skirt: J crew factory

Shoes: nine west