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2. Diet (1)

When I was little eating out at restaurants was an event, the event probably happened once a year…

Times have changed and we eat at restaurants casually. Most of the social gatherings happen around food and drinks, it has become a social norm… Looking at the kind of schedule today’s parents have I am sure the next generation of kids will be saying ‘when we were little, eating home cooked food was an event’.

Our treatment towards our gut has definitely become very casual, to add to that we engage in things like frozen, processed foods, alcohol, coke/pepsi and whatnot. The wealthier that our wallets get the unhealthier the food choices that we make.

Would it be too much if I said 90% of the health troubles we go through are because of bad diet and unhealthy gut? It is true. Quarter of what we eat keeps us alive and the rest keeps our doctors alive.

We are what we eat and most importantly we are what we digest. Gut health is responsible for so many things – the chemical, hormonal, bacteria balance, for strong immunity, a good emotional/mental balance, healthy skin and feeling of wellbeing. Having a strong digestive system is a key element in losing weight too. People who are depressed or committing suicide have a bad digestive tract and I am not talking out of my ass, it is proven scientifically. Read the book ‘Gut: an inside story’ to find the details about the research on this topic and more on gut health.

We need to think before we put anything inside our own gut… are we adding value and nutrition to our own body or poison? Our gut is strong but not as strong to take the insults that we perform each day. Do not take your gut for granted and treat it as a garbage can just to sweep the dishes clean.

And PLEASE provide your kids with home cooked fresh healthy food – healthy does not mean organic and raw food. In their growing years the kids need nutrition, what they consume right now is also defining the kind of food habits they will have in the future and what you give them right now is building or destroying their gut health. A lot of people are under the risk of catching ailments and getting obese at a very young age because since they were kids they were fed restaurant food/ unhealthy/ frozen/ processed foods by ignorant, lazy and irresponsible parents.

Good gut health and exercising habit is the best heritage you can leave for your kids.

to be continued…

polka dot dress, j crew, nordstrom rack, blue dress, green sweater
Polka dots

Dress: J crew

Sweater: Nordstrom Rack

Tights: DSW

Shoes: Ellen Tracy

blue dress, polka dots, green sweater, nordstrom rack
Polka dot dress


polka dot dress, j crew, nordstrom rack, blue dress, green sweater
Polka dot dress