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4. Mental health – 

Last but not the least is mental health! We are all living a stressful, busy life today, there is no denying or running away from it. Stress affects our physical well being, it can create anxiety, panic attacks, heart palpitations, heart problems, depression, high blood pressure and whatnot. One is unable to enjoy anything happening around if not mentally happy or stressed. Our body releases a hormone called cortisol when under stress, and high levels of cortisol creates havoc in our system.

We need some peace and quiet, time for ourselves to do something that helps us release the stress –  exercise, yoga, good diet and sleep play a big role in maintaining a good mental health and there is more-

  1. Have a hobby – read, write, paint, do gardening, cook, it doesn’t matter what your hobby is – the important thing is you have one (I would not encourage TV and such as a hobby, creation gives long lasting happiness and stress release than consumption does). 

Same thing goes for kids – send them to classes, teach them different things – let them build hobbies! They won’t do it if you tell them to go and paint or go exercise because… they are watching you! Are my parents engrossed in binge watching tv shows all day long/ spending time on social media or they are living an active lifestyle? Are they creating or consuming? As they say ‘Raise yourself before you raise your kids’.

to be continued…

red sweater, white jeans, polka dots, j crew, abercrombie and fitch, j crew factory
Red sweater, white jeans, polka dots

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Top: J crew factory

Sweater: J crew factory

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