This is part 5 of ‘What the health’ series, you can find earlier parts here – part1, part2, part3, part4

  1. I can’t live without junk food

There is this waterfall in Jasper, Canada and there is a board put up everywhere around it – it says don’t step on the rocks near the waterfall, they are very slippery and people have died here. People still cross the fence and walk on the rocks to take selfies. That means they accept the risk of dying a bad and untimely death out of their own stupidity.

Anyway coming back to the point if you can not live without junk food then no one can help you there. You have to make a choice. If you can’t live without the junk food then make peace with living in a junk-body.

  1. I don’t like gyms

Do you like parks? mountains? lakes? anything? Find a place you like and incorporate that activity as your workout. Running, Skiing, Tennis, Badminton, Dancing …? There must be something. And if you don’t know what you like yet, then try them all and I am sure one would click.

I do something different everyday – yoga, hiking, biking, kickboxing, dance, pilates, tennis, badminton, weight training and whatnot (whether I like it or not!).

  1. I am too old

Seriously, you are not. Meet Fauja Singh and Ernestine Shepherd. If you still think you are old then shame on you!

  1. I hate working out alone

Join a group class, a running group, ask a friend to join you … there are a lot of options. If not hiking/ biking or doing yoga at home then I prefer to workout at group classes, that motivates me the most.

  1. It is boring

That is because you haven’t explored all your options. Find something you enjoy. (and honestly do it anyways.)

to be continued…

j crew, me too
Polka dot dress and red shoes

Dress: J crew

Shoes: Me too