What the health: Part 7 – Reasons you are not losing weight


This is part 7 of ‘What the health’ series. You can find earlier parts here – part1, part2, part3, part4,  part 5, part 6

1 – You are in denial

One day I went on a hike with a hiker friend, this was the year when I weighed a lot – 170 pounds to be specific. After finishing the excruciating hike we stopped at a restaurant for dinner. She ordered a plate of idli sambhar and I ordered a dosa, which is the longest dosa I have ever seen, I could eat only 25% of it.

During dinner the hiker said “people are lucky to have good genetics and metabolism – they eat anything and still don’t put on weight. I hardly eat anything, I do these strenuous hikes and still put on weight”.

While she said this she finished the food that she had ordered and the 75% of dosa that was left on my plate.

We think we are doing everything right – we are eating right, exercising – even if it is one excruciating hike once in a while, and everyone who is in shape is just lucky. Do not conveniently ignore and forget that 75% extra that we are consuming.

From this incidence I learned I was in denial too.  I sat – analyzed and found so many things that I needed to change (mid-night snacking anyone?). I needed to take control of my health than it controlling me.

If today I am in shape or feeling light and right – it is not because of luck- it is because I came out of denial – I changed my entire lifestyle (from diet, exercise, sleep, habits, organization-prioritization skills to managing stress) – and obviously I had to put in efforts to do so. Do not be in denial and say that you are doing everything right, take an objective look at what you are doing wrong and try to fix it.

  1. You are finding lame excuses

Do not blame being fat or unhealthy on genetics, metabolism or horoscopes!

List of lame excuses is covered in earlier parts. or you can find it here

to be continued …

white skirt, black top, loft, gap
White skirt black top
white skirt, black top, loft, gap, kensie
white skirt black top

Skirt: Gap (12 years old)

Top: Loft (8 years old)

Shoes: Impo (4 years old)

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