• Quality. Look for quality of the fabrics, good fabrics feel good on the skin and also last a long time.
  • Fitting. Nothing looks good if it does not fit your body. We try to fit into clothes from decades back and then get frustrated about our closets and bodies and then completely give up on our style. Accept your body and dress accordingly. This simple change in mindset will make you realize that a little fluctuation in your body weight has absolutely nothing to do with your style and looking good. (I would recommend to not give up efforts to lose weight or stay in shape).
  • Color. When it comes to color I have unintentionally made the same mistake over and over again – I have 4 black tops (with varying sleeve lengths), 3 black skirts and such repetitive colors. I wish instead  I had bought tops in all colors – red, pink, brown, yellow, green and whatnot. When you go shopping decide on the colors that you want to buy, something that will go with at least a few items in your closet and avoid colors that you already have.
  • Design. There are too many complicated designs out there lately, like frills, belts that you need to tie and stuff, there are other styles like off shoulder, spaghetti tops, low necklines, no doubt that they make a statement but that is not my style, it doesn’t make me feel comfortable. So yes I do look for a match for the design too. Then the last thing I make sure is it is easy on and off, i.e. doesn’t involve wrapping, multiple buttons and complicated stitching/folds, belts. Keep it simple is my style mantra.
  • Trends. Be careful on the path of following trends or someone else’s style which you can not relate to. Not all trends/styles are for all body types, and some of them are not even worth trying. Some styles look great only in pictures but in reality they are the most uncomfortable things.
  • Footwear. Never purchase a shoe without trying. If you buy them online make sure that return shipping is offered and is free. Walk around in the pair for at least two minutes and if they are not comfortable then that means they are not about to get comfortable later. I don’t buy high heels anymore, I do not feel comfortable in them – does not matter even if the rest of the world is using ladders to walk I am going to buy just flats henceforth. You will always find exciting options within your comfort zone.

I hope you find these tips helpful.

2 combos:

Vegan leather jacket: Blank NYC, Stripes Tee: J crew factory, Jegging: American Eagle, Shoes: Vaneli

wine colored jegging, stripes tee, black shoes, vegan leather jacket, vaneli, j crew factory, blank nyc
wine colored jegging, stripes tee, black shoes, vegan leather jacket, vaneli, j crew factory, blank nyc, american eagle
wine colored jegging
Wine colored jegging

Jegging: American Eagle, Top: Ann taylor, Shoes: DSW