It may sound ironical but clothes are the last thing I want to spend time on, be it in the morning or when I go shopping. Though I don’t want to be all ‘dressed up’ I want to be ‘well dressed’.

No really, choosing clothes and shoes can be daunting even if it is as simple as black and white (as in today’s picture).

It has happened innumerable times that I bought clothes which didn’t match with anything in my closet, I bought wrong brands, wrong colors and all the money I spent on it was a complete waste as I never wore it. I thought it will be so nice if someone gave me ideas on what I could wear, buy, where to buy, what looks good and what doesn’t.

That’s why I started following style blogs. I like style blogs more than fashion magazines as style blogs are more real and relatable.

Top: Macy’s
Pant: american eagle
sweater: Calvin Klein
shoes: dsw
bracelet: Baublebar


white denim, american eagle, macys, calvin klein
Black and White