This is the third part in the series. Earlier parts – Part 1. Part 2.
The Martyr
The Martyr – a woman who thinks people are judging them based on how good a wife/ mother/ daughter/ daughter-in-law/ sister-in-law she is and she cares about the opinions and then tries to be a perfectionist, treats the man of the house as the ‘man of the house’ who is never asked to (or given an ultimatum to) share his share of responsibilities, she tries to show that she is the best daughter-in-law, mother, and whatnot and then juggles everything and kills herself in the process. 
I am sorry, I have to say this – I pity all those women who take pride in doing a job, taking care of kids, keeping the house spotless, cooking – all on their own.
I respect women who get help, ‘ask’ men to take care of their share of chores, men have two hands and brains so I bet they can manage to do the dishes, laundry, cooking, and whatnot, it is not rocket science after all.
From what I hear there are crazy men out there who deny to own their share or laugh at men who they see cleaning dishes, I couldn’t/wouldn’t have survived with such an idiot, I don’t know how women do that. But again, being financially independent gives you the flexibility, if you do not want to spend your life with such an idiot then you will always have a choice.
I respect women who do not take pride in sacrificing their dreams and aspirations or do not feel guilty in asking for sharing equal responsibilities.
I would say quit trying to be perfect, it is never going to happen.  As long as you are being yourself and trying your best, it is enough, you do not need to suffice to the expectations defined for the gender role (gender roles are history). Just like all the men in your life, you too have one life and at the end of this, there is no award for being perfect. There is, however, the satisfaction of having lived your life to the fullest, if you accept that you are flawed, just like everyone else and that there is nothing wrong with asking for the fair deal of sharing half responsibilities and speaking up that you will not suffice to gender roles.
To be continued…
Black Dress, Denim Jacket
Black Dress, Denim Jacket
Black Dress, Denim Jacket, Polka Dot Tights
Black Dress, Denim Jacket, Polka Dot Tights
Dress: Ann Taylor, Tights: Target, Shoes: Ellen Tracy, Jacket: J crew
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