Do you know any Yogis – someone who practices Yoga every single day for many years? I am sure you do.
How many of of them are fat? I do not know any yogis who are fat some look a little overweight but they have toned bodies. Even if you know one or two ‘fat yogis’ then I would say it is an exception that proves the rule.
Yogis also have some unique characteristics to their personality because Yoga doesn’t just help with weight loss but each and every single yoga posture is beneficial for mental health from feeling calm, reducing stress, increasing concentration to feeling confident.
Yoga is doable and beneficial for all age groups and even for people with various ailments. You do not need to join gym to do it. There are innumerable yoga videos available on the internet (UNLESS you are attempting headstands).
Dress: Ann taylor factory store 
Tights: Hue
Shoes: dsw
Scarf: don’t remember 😉
ann taylor factory, brown tights, brown shoes, nine west
The Green Dress